Our Silver Ink Expertise:

Screen Printable Material

Conductive/Dielectric Paste

Functional/Carbon Paste

Multi Layer Printing

Printable Substrates

Printed Circuits

PR Printing and Etching

Priting silver pattern on flex and/or rigid substrates

Insulation and Conductive patterns on 3D substrates

Printed Circuit for Display / Lightening

Sensors for 4th Industrial Revolution

NFC, BLT Base Sensor Tags

Impact Sensors, Pressure Sensitivei Ink

Piezo Sensor for special application

ODM Products

RFID, BLE Embedded Sensors

Item Labeling


Etched and Printed Antenna

Economic ACP

RFID Label, PVC Card, RFID ICs

Component Trading

Substrates, Semiconductors, NFC cards, etc

Supply PET, PI with/out metal layers 

Silver Ink

Material products


for IPS Display Panel, Dispensing & Jetting

Our Advantages:

1. High Dispersion

Stable phase for more than

3 months without precipitation

2. High Workability 

No nozzle clogging & Uniform dot size

3. High ESD Performance

No crack

4. High Elasticity

Brand new formulated ink for high shrink substrate


(Direct Patterned Heatsink) - Screen Printing

Our Advantages:

1. High Performance

Excellent heat dis-passing capacity

2. High Insulation

High voltage drop & Dense Structures

3. Strong Adhesion

Strong adhesion with LED chip

4. Minimize Heatsink Size

High fuel efficiency


(Metal Mesh Ink) - Screen Printing

Our Advantages:

1. High TI

Easy to fill Sensor & Trace

2. High Conductivity

Lowest resistivity​ & Low paste consumption

3. Strong Adhesion

Strong Adhesion after curing

4. High Workability

Easy to wash


(Pad Print Paste) - Stamping & Pad Printing

Our Advantages:

1. Solvent Type

Dries under Room Temperature

2. UV Type

High speed curing (around 350mJ/cm^3)

3. Loww WVTR

< 50 g/m^3 for 24 hrs

4. Repairability

Strong Adhesion and Repairability


(Anisotropic Conductive Paste) - Screen Printing & Jetting

Our Advantages:

1. Economic Solution

Ni based conductors

2. Abundant Reference

Adopted more than 100 million products

Used for Smartphone components


Hot Press /  Quick Press Process


(Electrode Protection Ink) - Screen Printing & Slot Die Coating

Our Advantages:

1. Solvent Type

Dries under Room Temperature

2. UV Type

High Speed Curing (Around 350mJ/cm^3)

Acryl based

3. Low WVTR

< 50 g/m^3 for 24 hrs

4. Repairability

Strong Adhesion and Repairability

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Kelkheim, Germany

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