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Digital Press & Production Printer Remanufacturing Toner

Reliable and Quality Toner is required for  high speed and volume printing with production printers and digital printing presses. Tested continuously for multiple life cycles of the cartridges in LL and HH conditions. Our specialty for this toner line is low consumption and dedicated solution for lower fusing property to avoid any fusing and jamming problems.

CMX 125 (125 PPM)

Xerox 4110/4112/4127/4590/4595

Xerox D95A/D110/D125

FujiFilm ApeosPort-II 5000/6000/7000

DocuCentre-II 5000/6000/7000

CMX 135 (135 PPM)

Xerox D136

Xerox B9100


Ricoh Pro C5100 / Pro 7100

Fuji-Xerox / Xerox
CMX 7785 KCMY Ca (70 PPM)

Developed Engines with:

Xerox Color 550/560/570

ApeosPort -V C7785/C6685/C5585 (Heracles)

DocuCentre-V C7785/C6685/C5585 (Heracles)

Xerox 700 Digital Color Press

Xerox 700i Digital Color Press

Xerox 770 Digital Color Press

Xerox Color C60/C70

WorkCentre 7965/7975

DocuColor 240/242/250/252/260 (Imari)

WorkCentre 7765/7675/7755/7765/7775

*Besides our trademark CM, any other trademark, brand and model names listed in this website and webshop are only shown for descriptive and identification purposes only. Our toner powder and printer equipments are aftermarket products. Our product is NOT endorsed/sponsored by any brands and models shown in this website.

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