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CM Technology Return Policy

Unopened Returns:

CM Technology will issue a full refund if an item is returned unopened within 14 days of purchase.


Opened and Used Returns:

CM technology do not accept refund for the opened toner powder bags.


Defective Claims:

If one claims that the toner powder is defective, we would like to first assist you with finding the solution. Therefore, we require an image and proof of the following:

  1. Imaging Unit is functioning properly, recently refilled with developer (CM also has developers).

  2. Roller & Blades are functioning properly, replaced with a new one.

  3. Transfer Belt is functioning properly and cleaned.

These are important as above components also have life expectancy that requires replacement when their capacity is reached. When the maximum capacity is met, the printing quality will deteriorate. We are not responsible for the defective printing resulting from using our CM Toner with old or compatible imaging units, rollers, transfer belt and other components.

This is to inform you again that our toner has been stress tested in HH (Highs) & LL (Lows) Temperature and Humidity in Environmental Testing Chambers with NEW imaging units, rollers, transfer belt and other consumable components. 

If our toner powder is proved to be defective, CM Technology will make a full refund.


Customer is responsible for the return shipment costs.

Return shipping labels will not be provided by CM Technology.


To request for the return, please contact via email:

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