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CM Technology GmbH - Premium Toner Powder for High PPM Printers and Copiers.

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

One should be cautious with testing compatible toner powder for high PPM printers.

High PPM printers are more expensive than the usual small/medium business targeted pritners. Even the printer spare parts are expensive to replace. One should not try testing any cheap toner for testing in high PPM printers as this would ruin the insides of the printer and cause a very costly problem. Therefore, finding a comaptible toner powder with reliable test reports are crucial to avoid such costly incidents where you unncessarily throw away a good high PPM printer.

Premium remanufactured toner cartridges require premium toner powder with excellent specifications.

Manufacturing toner for high PPM (Pages Per Minute) requires much more accuracy and diligence. CM puts in days or weeks of constant stress testing for toner powder that can withstand the high PPM. Only first few thousands of pages does not prove the eligibility. For us, we remanufacture several OEM empties with our toner and test run them multiple times reaching the maxium cartridge yield. This allows us to seek further room for improvements to be made very much the same as OEM quality or sometimes better qualities in certain aspects than the OEM cartridges. Furthermore, more data for the test reports illustrate reliability and accuracy.

Sometimes toner powder needs some tweaking as different cartridge assemblers have different standards and requirments for their business.

This is where CM can help you. We will customize the high PPM printer toner powder to support your business based on premium products. Some customer wants a higher ID (Image Density). Some wants glossier version of the toner. Some wants lower production of waster toner. CM is ready to listen to your suggestions and improve our business relationship.

-CM Technology GmbH, Premium Toner Manufacturer

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